The City Council of Mijas will lead to the next Madrid International Tourism Fair (Fitur) 2022 the opening of the former Byblos hotel, called La Zambra in the new project, as a boost for quality tourism in the city, and which it will promote together with the municipal golf brand and the call to the public to know Holy Week, as announced this Thursday by the mayor, Josele González .

“We return to Fitur emphasizing the importance of Mijas in the context not only of the province of Malaga or the Costa del Sol, but also at the national level, and we want to do so by presenting one of the great projects that will see the light of day throughout this year, which will be the opening of the La Zambra hotel “, indicated the councilor, who pointed out that this”Five-star Grand Luxury hotel will employ more than 200 people in our municipality and that will help to position the Mijas brand in the entire national and international context ”. González stressed “that tourism affects many areas of the city, that is why in Fitur we are going to do the best of promotions to bring us good news for the municipality, and especially for all those people who depend on tourism in Mijas” .

For his part, the mayor of tourism, José Carlos Martín, declared that in the municipality “we have a wide range of tourist segments that make our destination one of the most unique in southern Spain ”, for which he appreciated that the opening of this 5 * Grand Luxury accommodation“ adds a plus of excellence to our hotel plant at a crucial moment where public collaboration private is essential to reactivate tourism ”.

The mayor valued “the nearly 200 jobs that the old Byblos will generate in the sector, directly affecting the population of Mijas, in addition to representing a boost for the number of beds that translates into tourists consuming in the locality and reactivating the local economy ”. Fitur 2022 will also be the setting for the launch of the new local brand ‘Mijas, sol y golf’.

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