The Mijas Town Hall will distribute tomorrow Friday 30,000 surgical masks on different public transport of the municipality, a measure that will benefit the taxi, bus and school sectorsas reported this Thursday by the Councilor for Transport and Mobility, Nicolás Cruz.

The mayor stressed that “from the Department of Transport and Mobility of the Mijas City Council we are going to these days distribute some 30,000 surgical masksand we are going to do it where the use is still mandatory, which is in the field of public transport.

Cruz recalled that last month of April ceased to be in force the obligation of the use of a mask in interior and exterior spaces, with the exception that it was still mandatory in some spaces, among which includes public transportation.

With this distribution of masks donated by the Government Subdelegation “We not only want to comply with the law, but also maintain that habit with which situations can be avoided like the one we have been experiencing these days with an upturn in the number of cases, and more so as we face summer”, the municipal official pointed out.

“Regardless of the regulations, it is healthy to prevent situations and so far The best preventive means is the use of the mask, both indoors and outdoors where there is a high crowding“, it is finished.

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