The government team of the Mijas City Council will submit to the next plenary session, to be held on Wednesday, April 27, the initial approval of the modification of the General Urban Planning Plan (PGOU) to boost the implantation of the hospital of Mijas in the population center of Las Lagunas, as reported by the Councilor for Urbanism, Andrés Ruiz.

The mayor has declared to Málaga Hoy that the Consistory has been asking for this infrastructure “relentlessly offering landand even, municipal financing due to the growth of the population in our municipality and the total number of inhabitants of the rest of the cities that it would serve, the pandemic has made it clear that the Mijas Hospital must be an imminent priority”.

The municipal official has recalled that “after leading from November 2019 with two plot proposals on the table of the Health Department of the Junta de Andalucía, we have adopted the option in the Consistory of stopping waiting for them to decide and move the land forward that from the local Administration we already offered more than six years ago in Las Lagunas”.

For this, he has indicated that the government team will take to the next Plenary a vote to move this proposal forward which implies the reorganization, without loss of endowments for the municipality, of nearly 280,000 square meters.

On the “surface of the floor pad where the hospital would go” he explained that “now it is a green zone that would change its rating, transferring those square meters to the Fuengirola river corridor and thus adding to the access to the Great Park of the Costa del Sol”. In this way, he has pointed out that the land “would already remain as equipment for the hospital complex with a total of almost 60,000 square meters”.

The modification thus affects land currently destined for the public domain and classified by the PGOU as General System of Free Areas (Public green area), as well as to common non-developable land and scheduled developable landso this modification will also entail the relocation of land intended for public endowments in such a way that they meet the conditions of functionality and accessibility in accordance with the standards required by urban planning legislation, all without losing in any case endowments for the municipality.

Likewise, Ruiz has pointed out that “from the Consistory he is going to make things easier for the Board at all times” to which he adds that “the government team has proposed several times the possibility of reaching an agreement for its financing”.

The area where the Mijas hospital would be built has a good access to the A-7 motorway, as well as a nearby train stop projected for the future coastal train that links this area with Fuengirola. “We Mijas cannot wait any longer for this hospital, we already have a population of more than 90,000 inhabitants and an important exponential growth in addition to the entity sufficient to be able to count on this service that is so essential for our neighbors and that we have been demanding for so many years”, he concluded.

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