The Mijas Town Hall will put out to tender the tender for the final urbanization works of Pueblo Don Silverioa performance that will feature a approximate budget of 1.8 million of euros and that will allow the residential area to have basic supplies, as announced on Thursday by the Councilor for Urban Planning, Andrés Ruiz.

The mayor has highlighted that “from the Urban Planning area we have worked incessantly for months to resolve this deadlock that the residents of the area had been suffering”, for which he has assured that “we have carried out numerous highly regarded urban planning operations, with a lot of documentation and with them we have taken the definitive steps to provide legal certainty to the neighbors”.

The situation of this urbanization is precarious since it has not completely finished its urbanization process since 2006, which also caused “many of the owners could not even ask for the licenses necessary to build their houses on their plots.

Similarly, Ruiz has recounted, “did not have basic servicessomething that with the work we have developed and the approval of the project, will come to an end in such a way that the Consistory will carry out urbanization works charged to the neighbors, something that is discussed and agreed upon with them”.

In this way, urbanization works will go out to tender, will be tendered and “will be executed under the supervision of the City Council. As a result, the neighbors will have “the basic supplies and will be connected to general networks and the overhead lines will be buried, creating a sustainable urbanization with channeled services”.

And as a result of this, “the most important thing is that in the end also building licenses will be unlocked that have been requested over the years and that we will now process without major problems”, about which they have indicated that “they may be simultaneous, that is, the Owners will be able to do the building work on their homes while the definitive works of urbanization are carried out”, has indicated the councilor of Urbanism.

To conclude, Andrés Ruiz recalled that as a last consequence, “those owners who do not have a first occupancy license because they could not be provided at the time, thanks to this bureaucratic unblocking will be able to obtain it”.

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