The Mijas Town Hall will train the Local Police officers in the ‘Memphis Model’ of crisis interventions with people with mental health problems, which is characterized by promote safe and humane responses before this type of intervention, as announced this Thursday by the mayor, Joseph Gonzalez.

This was highlighted by the councilor after a meeting with the AAssociation of Families and People with Mental Illness of the Costa del Sol (Afesol); the coordinator of the Fuengirola-Mijas Mental Health Unit, Israel Codina; the Mayor of the Local Police Juan Manuel Rosas and the agent Ángel Blanc; and with Juan Miguel Marcos, president of the Fidiliq flooding, to publicize the new mental health initiative.

“After launching pioneering and much-needed initiatives such as the Local Plan for Suicide Prevention, in which we involved educational centers and their counselors, we are now taking another step in the matter with the promotion of the training of our professionals in the ‘Memphis Model’ intervention in crisis in people with mental health problems”, explained the mayor.

González has detailed that “this community and innovative model -which emerged in Memphis in 1988-, seeks to go beyond and involve various agents of society, and in which the preparation of the bodies and security forces is essential to promote safe and humane responses to those who experience this type of crisis”.

According to the alderman, the proposal “follows the line of work followed to date, in which we have given a great importance to the welfare of citizenswithout ever neglecting something as important as mental health, and to which they have already almost 4,000 municipalities and cities adhered Mainly from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Thus, the men and women of the Hipolito ZAPICO, who, together with a representative of Afesol, traveled to Miami in the last month to learn first-hand about the initiative to be able to establish it in the town, as explained by the mayor of Social Services, Hipólito Zapico, “one of the aspects in those we have been working on in recent years from the Consistory is in the expansion of the guardian agent programwhich although it began focused on attending students with absenteeism or similar problems, has now become a much broader figure that actively collaborates in all kinds of programs such as Suicide Prevention”.

As they have transferred during the appearance, the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) program is a Community Association of Law Enforcement, Mental Health and Addiction Professionals, individuals living with mental illness and/or addictive disorders, their families, and other advocates.

For his part, Blanc explained that the first response model of police crisis intervention training serves to help people with mental disorders and/or addictions access medical treatment, rather than placing them in the criminal justice system due to disease-related behaviors, and that it also promotes the safety of officers and the individual in crisis.

In this way, the police tutor and member of the SIMA body will be the person in charge of transferring this training to the workforcenoting that “obviously there are things that are different in the United States, from legislation to other protocols, but the problems are partly very similarand a large part of the program can be imported to Mijas, in fact we are already starting to work from the police with people with mental health problems”.

Representing Afesol, Cristian González attended, who has also recently trained in the Memphis model, pointing out the importance of this type of initiative and collaborations between private entities and public administrations: “We talked about that in the suicide theme before a performancethe first to arrive is always the police, and they are the ones who have to be trained and prepared to be able to know how to deal with the issue of suicide” and to be prepared for any type of action related to a mental health problem or any other type of disability.

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