The City Council of Mijas will update its strategic tourism plan hand in hand with the University of Malaga (UMA), an action that will be developed in the future to adapt municipal action to the changes experienced in the sector due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and that will be will focus on the revaluation of the offer and the national and international projection of the destinationas announced on Tuesday by the councilor of the branch, José Carlos Martín.

This was highlighted by the mayor after holding a meeting this morning at the University of Malaga (UMA) with the dean of the Faculty of Tourism, Antonio Guevaraalong with other institutional representatives, to define future lines of action in the new context of the world sector.

The world situation has changed after the arrival of the Covid pandemic and the priorities are now different or, at least, they are more nuanced”, has valued the councilor, who has indicated that the municipality “quickly and effectively implemented all sanitary measures possible to combat the coronavirus and make Mijas a totally safe destination”.

This is the first of the steps to take to renew the plan since “following these guidelines, the Mijas offer has found better accommodation with closer promotional campaigns to what the potential tourist is looking for and, in this way, we have had a most outstanding and outstanding presence in visibility events like the various world tourism fairs such as those held in Madrid, Paris, London and Berlin, in which our town has a great presence”.

With the new ways of traveling in mind, the update of the strategic tourism plan for Mijas will continue to work in the short, medium and long term for the revaluation of the offer Mijas and its national and international projection as one of the most complete destinations on the Costa del Sol.

“The first plan has been shown to be effective when it comes to combat endemic evils of the sector in the province such as seasonality”, José Carlos Martín has recalled, “at the same time that it has opted for involve with greater relevance and collaboration the actors involved and tourism experts when defining what we need to continue growing”.

The sustainability, the development of a single destination management system where the complete offer that makes Mijas a strong pole of attraction is linked, the use of resources or synergy with other destinations These are some of the aspects that were taken into account when drawing up the first tourist plan in Mijas, and which will continue to be the basis of the second, but “without losing sight of the fact that the situation has changed and for this it will be studied in depth how these changes affect us and how we can adapt our products to be even more attractive for our future visitors”, the mayor concluded.

The mayor recalled that in 2017 the Mijas City Council commissioned the University of Malaga with a strategic tourism plan that has been in force from 2018 to the present 2022. With this line of action, he has influenced the a guide was prepared for the promotion of the destination of the Costa del Sol locality, managing its offer and defining ways of financing and projection of products and promotions In the case of Mijas, they added to the three main sectors such as sun and beach, Mediterranean white town and golf, four other potential sectors such as gastronomy, crafts, nature and sports, which the department has been exploiting over the years.

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