Although the cleaning service is having a magnificent operation, the councilor responsible for the area, Paqui López, has reported that there is still material and machinery to arrive to definitively complete it and improve it even more.

This is the case of the new sweepers, which will immediately begin to carry out their task on the streets of the municipality. The investment is completed with pressure washers, scrubbers, washing and garbage trucks, container washers and mopeds for the street sweepers.

The important thing, said López, is that we have taken a leap in quality in the service, and now, with more personnel and machinery, we can face cleaning with all the guarantees that our streets, squares, corners and walks are in perfect condition.

For his part, the mayor, Mario Jiménez, concluded by saying that: “this commitment of the Government Team is bearing fruit and we see that our municipal district is cleaner and cleaner, as corresponds to an eminently touristy term and whose image is fundamental” .

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