The City Council today supported the donation by a private company of more than 10,000 individual bottles of hydroalcoholic gel to the institutes of Marbella.

The Councilor for Health, Enrique Rodríguez, who has attended, together with the general director of the delegation, Lisandro Vieytes, the act of delivery of the material to the director of the IES Río Verde, Jesús Capel, by the director of the firm Pavlova’s, Lora Pavlova , has celebrated the initiative and highlighted the “solidarity” of its promoters, “who they will directly help schools and students”.

Likewise, he emphasized “the great work” that educational communities are doing during the health crisis “and how they have adapted to the circumstances.”

For his part, Pavlova has shown his satisfaction at being able to collaborate with the institutes, while Capel thanked the City Council for its support, “which during this pandemic has helped us in everything we needed”, as well as the “very nice gesture of the donation”.

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