The sports season in Fuengirola has started with great activity in the municipal schools. The Councilor for Sports, María Hernández, has assured today that more than 1,600 residents of the town are already receiving classes in the about 20 sports modalities that are taught in the sports grounds of the Consistory, as well as on the tracks of several schools in the city. city, where they are being developed.

“Classes began in October and have aroused great interest among Fuengiroleños, who were eager to be able to play sports at our facilities. The improvement in the pandemic situation has allowed us to restart many of the activities, logically, with all the pertinent safety and hygiene measures ”, indicated Hernández.

Thus, since the beginning of this month, the Department of Sports is offering notions of squash, rhythmic gymnastics, Qi Gong, karate, futsal, athletics, volleyball, roller hockey, paddle tennis, basketball, table tennis, fencing, swimming, different modalities of gymnastics or toning, and soccer.

The municipal sports offer is being developed in the different facilities of the City Council, which are: the Elola sports complex, the Suel soccer field, the Juan Gómez ‘Juanito’ pavilion, the María Peláez pool, the Santa Fe de Los Boliches stadium and the new Fuengirola-El Higuerón basketball training center.

In the case of the so-called ‘king’ sport, the mayor recalled that the Jesús Gámez playing field is being subjected to waterproofing works and that, as long as these works are developed, her students will receive their teachings in the Andalusia and Andalusia schools. Acapulco. Likewise, the municipal head of Sports has stressed that several groups from the basketball school will carry out their preparation in the Fuengirola-El Higuerón center, as already do about twenty teams from local clubs of this sport.

“Fuengirola is well-being, and therefore, sport. We can already say that, with prudence and with all the appropriate security measures, we are taking cruising speed to develop our sports activities with a certain normality. We are convinced that it is going to be a great season ”, commented María Hernández.

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