More than 170 personnel will ensure security during the development of the festivities in honor of San Pedro Alcántara, a transition fair celebration that starts today with a varied program that bets on the reactivation of the center, live music and activities for the little ones.

The Councilor for Citizen Security, Jose Eduardo Diaz, explained that the device will have an extraordinary reinforcement of the Local police made up of 124 agents “who are added to the ordinary staff that maintains surveillance throughout the municipal term”, in addition to a unit of firefighters “Which will be present in the areas of greatest risk.” There will also be almost 40 volunteers from the Civil Protection Association in the places with the greatest influx of public.

This device is completed with a special reinforcement by the intervention unit (IPU) of the National Police “With which we are always coordinated,” says Díaz. This special surveillance service will be deployed in the areas where the fair is held, such as the Boulevard, the the church square and the San Pedro sky, but it will also serve other enclaves, such as those capable of hosting ‘bottles’ or other activities that generate crowds. The San Pedro fair will end next October 19, Patron’s day and local holiday in the municipality of Marbella.

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