The Governing Council of the Junta de Andalucía has learned this Tuesday of the start of emergency works for mitigate forest hydrological risk in the area affected by the fire in the Sierra de Mijas last July, which began last week and have a budget of 2,211,597.59 euros.

The works are being carried out in the terms of the Malaga municipalities of Alhaurín el Grande, Alhaurín de la Torre and Mijas, in a 612-hectare public forest area that was affected by the fire. The works, which began last week, were declared an emergency on September 8.

The forest fire damage which was declared on July 15 in the area known as ‘El Higuerón’, in the municipality of Mijas, required “priority and urgent action”, as well as the “inevitable” need to take emergency action to restore the damage and try to minimize the erosive processes that are generated by the action of precipitation, they have explained from the Board in a statement.

The autumn and winter rainsafter the sudden loss of vegetation cover due to the fire, could generate serious erosive effects and floods in the drainage basins, in addition to carrying risks of sudden fall of trees affected by the fire. This is something especially critical in the areas closest to the network of roads, paths and walkable trails.

In the case of Sierra de Alhaurin el Grandeit is acting in an area that covers 287 hectares, with a investment close to 900,000 euros and an execution period of nine months.

The second zone affects 213.44 hectares of the public mountain ‘La Mezquita’ and ‘Puerto Blanquillo’, in Alhaurín de la Torrewhere a estimated maximum budget of 769,823.15 euroswhile the third area of ​​action, on 111.75 hectares in the municipality of Mijas in Sierra Blanca and Sierra Bermeja, has a maximum execution budget of 385,255.46 euros.

The works consist of performances ranging from the removal of burned treespest control, actions aimed at curbing water erosion processes through the creation of stone walls or with remains of wood in small torrents and fajines on the slopes, to the reforestation through the sowing and planting of tree and shrub species.

The risk, which is what has endorsed the emergency declaration of workstakes on special significance right in the area of ​​the fire, very prone to suffer torrential phenomena due to the generation of isolated depressions in the upper areas of the atmosphere (DANA), a phenomenon that can cause serious damage to people and infrastructure.

The Sierra de Mijas forest fire began at noon on July 15 in the area known as ‘El Higuerón’, although finally affected the municipalities of Mijas, Alhaurín el Grande and Alhaurín de la Torre, where the fire acquired great virulence due to meteorological circumstances such as the changing wind, the steep orography and the abundant vegetation.

The proximity to the inhabited nuclei led to the activation of level 1 of the Emergency Plan for Forest Fires and, only after several days of extinction, which required the participation of a significant amount of human resources and aerial means, the The fire was brought under control on July 19 and extinguished on August 3.

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