The Associations of Mothers and Fathers of Students (AMPA) have concentrated this morning in the Plaza de los Naranjos, in Marbella, to ask public administrations for quality education and to build the Las Chapas Secondary School (IES), as well as demanding that the City Council comply with the framework agreement signed in 2018 to improve teaching in the municipality.

Thus, the president of AMPA La Florida, Jorge Gil, has been in charge of reading a manifesto at 9:30 a.m. on behalf of the Independent group of AMPAS of Marbella and San Pedro prior to the plenary session, where he highlighted the “deepest indignation and rage for the treatment that is being given to Education in our city”.

“The thousands of families that we represent have been fighting for years to remedy the innumerable existing deficiencies in terms of Education,” said the school representative, who alluded to “lack of material resources and human, of infrastructures or the lamentable state of schools and institutes”.

The schoolchildren ask for the new institute of Las Chapas.

The schoolchildren ask for the new institute of Las Chapas.


Maria Jesus Serrano


In this way, he has criticized that despite the numerous claims made, “today pending to build dining rooms for hundreds of studentsYes, there are broken walls that remain unrepaired or asbestos ceilings that have not been removed despite how dangerous it is for health”.

To this he has added “poor electrical installations that they do not allow to put a stove in winter because the light goes out, a school transport that parents must pay, despite having a free public one for citizens; the overcrowding in classrooms where there is no room for more children, skyrocketing ratios, centers with nomadic students because they do not have a fixed classroom and wander from classroom to classroom or with a multitude of deficiencies and without resources to cover the special educational needs of our little ones”.

Gil has highlighted the “unfortunate situation for students of this city considered 5 stars” in educational matters, flattened to an “institutional and political abandonment that we have been systematically suffering from for too long”.

The lack of equipment educational in the municipality is one of the axes that forms the backbone of the discomfort of parents, despite announcing this week the Andalusian Government the beginning of the works of the Las Chapas institute, that “the only thing there is is a booth and the works have not started”, so the educational community demands that the center be operational “in September 2023”.

In this way, Gil has lamented that the construction works of the Institute of San Pedro Alcantara, which “we were promised in 2020 that it would be by December 2021”.

“We are jaded and furious because they play with the future of our children, our greatest treasure, and we are not going to allow that”, asserted the school representative, who criticized “the absence of the slightest planning and the bureaucratic quagmire in which education is immersed. ”.

He also recalled that “currently there are almost 200 students in prefabricated classrooms, in the 21st century in a city like Marbella”, while pointing out that “next year another 100 students will go to facilities without certain resources necessary to develop the different subjects of those levels that they would have in a normal center” .

On the other hand, it has ensured that none of the points signed in the framework agreement signed between all the parties and the AMPAS in 2018, approved in the plenary session of the Corporation, of which “they have done absolutely nothing”.

In addition, he has criticized thepressures” that parents have received and mothers by the Ministry, which through the iPasen has communicated that “the non-attendance at the center due to the demonstration is considered unjustified”. The event ended after 10:15 am after the Local Police warned that the spokesman for the rally was going to be “fined” as a result of the noise.

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