The Councilor for Culture, E. Pablo Centella; and the coordinator of the Culture Area, Ana Belén Luna, held a press conference this morning to take stock of the ‘Culture on the Street’ program, in its 2021 edition.

“The ‘Culture on the Street’ program has once again filled Benalmádena’s summer nights with music and other cultural manifestations, and the bottom line is tremendously positive,” Centella began.

“This is the sixth consecutive summer in which we organize this program, and it is already verified that it is growing both technically and artistically as well as in the degree of reception and knowledge by the public, both tourists and neighbors, becoming an important attraction ”, Has valued the councilman.

“Organizing 24 events, as we have done in the programming this year, requires a very hard previous work, first of all, administrative, for the realization of all the contracts; and then technical, for the assembly, lighting and compliance with the sanitary protocols against the covid ”, has valued Centella.

“For all this we thank the entire Department of Culture, Education, Operational Services, Civil Protection and Local Police for their commitment to organize and maintain all the planned programming, without suspending any event,” he declared.

“We also want to acknowledge the exemplary behavior of the public, which has strictly complied with health safety standards,” he added.

“We are already thinking about the ‘Culture on the Street’ program for 2022, as it is one of the most important pillars on the way to turn Benalmádena into a cultural benchmark within the Costa del Sol, in a bid to attract a tourism that goes beyond the sun and the beach ”, Centella has announced.

“This year ‘Cultura en la Calle’ has had a wide program, which has included both theater and cinema and a wide musical variety, which has included flamenco, pop, jazz, classical music and, as a novelty this year, hip hop” , has summarized the coordinator.

“All these events have taken place in such characteristic and emblematic places of Benalmádena such as El Bil-Bil Castle, La Paloma Park, Adolfo Suárez Square or the Los Nadales fairgrounds, bringing culture closer to our neighbors and visitors” , has highlighted Ana Belén Luna.

“A total of 110 artists have passed through these stages this year, with a global audience that has added just over 5,000 spectators,” the coordinator estimated.

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