More than fifty people have demonstrated this friday against the felling of trees in the neighborhood of Miraflores de Marbella, where several environmental groups and individuals have requested the City council of the locality that fulfills with the objectives of sustainable development.

The march has pdeparted after 5:30 p.m. from the Africa Hostel and has rwalked the avenue del Trapiche up to the roundabout that connects Cánovas del Castillo and Arias de Velasco avenues.

Diana Castillo, from ‘Ecologists in action Marbella’, has demanded that the City Council “take more care of the environment”, regretting that the new project to remodel Avinguda del Trapiche only “there are 22 trees raised “of the” 60 units”Between tree pits and healthy trees that exist today. Of those projected, he has indicated that “they are also magnolias, which are aesthetically very beautiful, but environmentally they are not autochthonous species nor will they contribute to the issue of climate change.” For this reason, the group has attended the demonstration to show “the rejection that citizens in general have of these plans carried out by the City Council.”

Salvador Díaz, representative of ‘Climate action Marbella ‘, has criticized that “they have cut down all the trees on this street” due to the existence of “a pipe in which the roots have gotten.” In this sense, he has valued that we see that “there is a problem in the pipe and they want to cut down all the trees from the street to the roundabout “, a total of 60 copies, which is why he stressed that” it seems roughly that they don’t mind taking them off and putting on new ones. ” Likewise, he lamented “how it continues to be seen for a long time that they put plants with flowers and then remove them”, questioning that supposedly “things happen between the City Council and a nursery”.

Pilar Morero, a neighbor of Miraflores, stressed that “this is one of the most populous neighborhoods in Marbella and one of the oldest “, which is why he has called “cutting down the trees and not asking the neighbors” as “wrong”, since he has considered that with this action “you destroy the identity of a neighborhood and with what it means to create a community ”. “We are here for the environment, for the trees and for a greener space because this is a neighborhood that was projected to be very populous with very few green areas, and this neighborhood lacks that,” he lamented.

The representative of the active Marbella association, Fabiola Mora, has highlighted the support of the group to the “wooded”, While claiming“a master plan so that these aberrations are not committed that all the trees are taken away from us, that what needs to be rethought with trees and native species is not rethought and that we all change our mentality ”. The objective of the event is “that they meet the sustainable development goals to which this city is committed.”

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