The president of the Board, Juanma Moreno, announced today that before the end of the year Andalusia will have an Office of the Ombudsman for People with Mental Health Problems to respond to complaints, share suggestions and mediate conflicts.

During his intervention in the second session of the Debate on the State of the Community in the Andalusian Parliament, he reiterated that the modernization of Public Health is “a priority for his Government”, given which he has ensured that modernizing services is adapting them to the new realities. In this sense, it has indicated that anxiety, depression, or eating disorders cannot be invisible and that the Andalusian Executive is aware of this, and that is why there are now services that did not exist before, such as units specialized in eating disorders, clinical psychologists in Mental Health Units with the horizon of reaching one professional per unit or the preparation of the first study with representative data of the psychological consequences of Covid.

On the other hand, Moreno has announced that it will soon be activated in Andalusia a new line of aid for rural women to promote shared ownership of agricultural holdings, at the same time that he has affirmed that the Network of Digital Fish Market of Andalusia will be launched for the direct sale of the boat to the house, which is a real boost for Andalusian fishing. At this point, he assured that Andalusian fishermen will have for the first time an internship program on board boats for young people under 30 who are unemployed. Thus, he has asserted that there is an innovative movement that aims to promote the Andalusian agri-food sector and it is that he has explained that through Ifapa, Andalusia participates in more than 50 innovative projects, to which it is added that the platform has already been awarded Marketing of the Polo de Innovación Tecnológica de la Agricultura Andalucía Cita 4.0 of Almería.

The Andalusian president recalled that the Andalusian Government has made Andalusian society participate in reaching an Andalusian Pact for Water with one hundred measures and with an unprecedented investment to modernize and improve the hydraulic heritage, with 104 million for automation and digital management of dams, to reinforce safety and avoid water losses.

Regarding another matter, he stated that today “we have one more proof that Andalusia does not count or enter into the plans of the Government of the Nation and has decided that Andalusians are not fit and worthy of having and having additional resources to fight against social exclusion as published today in the BOE ”. “Why other communities such as the Basque Country, Galicia, the Principality of Asturias, the Valencia Community, Aragón, Castilla La Mancha, Navarra, Extremadura or the Autonomous City of Ceuta can have these aid and Andalusia not?” .
In addition, he regretted that a city like Seville, which has one of the most disadvantaged neighborhoods in Spain, cannot receive these aid compared to Madrid or Barcelona, ​​which do have access to them. “Since the mayor is not capable of raising his voice, I raise it in favor of the Sevillians. I ask the Andalusian PSOE to wake up to defend the interests of the Andalusians and that it stands up to do so because the abuses cannot continue and that there is not even a voice in Andalusian socialism that is capable of putting a stop to it and being a containment dam for the repeated mistreatment of Andalusia ”, he has sentenced.

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