The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, has stated this Saturday that the fire brigade has transferred that in the two foci of the great fire in Sierra Bermeja, in the province of Malaga, the same method has been found, “two piles of litter and a pineapple on top, lit with a lighter”, so that everything indicates that it was “intentional”, waiting for the investigation to be carried out to confirm it definitively.

This is how Moreno has pronounced himself, in statements to the media on the occasion of his attendance at the Technical meeting for the evaluation and update of the Sierra Bermeja fire, and has insisted that “everything points” to whatand the fire was intentional and has warned the authors not to “sleep soundly” because they are going to go after them and they will be located and they will pay it before the “justice”.

The president has also reported that At this moment 1,054 residents are still evicted and that the first thing in the current circumstances is to protect human lives, so that he has trusted that the affected neighbors understand that they have to be evicted at a certain time so they are not at risk.

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