The mayor of marbellaÁngeles Muñoz, has highlighted that the Social Innovation Center ‘Social Hub’which is running in the area of North Trapichewill turn the city “into a benchmark in entrepreneurship and training in emerging digital industries”, such as 3D printing, video games or podcast recording”.

The councilor has visited, together with the Councilor for Works, Diego López, the works of this new equipment that will open its doors before the end of the year and that will allow fifty young people to be able to develop their innovative ideas and projects at zero cost.

“One of the goals we set for ourselves was to recover this property for public use and put it at the service of citizens”, he recalled, while also assessing that the opening of the facilities, which “will also mean a shock to the Trapiche Norte area itselfwhich will have a modern, functional space for public use”.

Muñoz has underlined that the Center for Social Innovation will be a complementary space to the Business Incubator from the Orange Square. “The entrepreneurs will have a technical office and all the tools to launch their initiatives,” he advanced during the visit, which was also attended by the mayor of the Western District, Remedios Bocanegra, and the coordinating advisor for Economic Development and Employment, Alejandro Freijo.

The building will consist of two floors, divided into different rooms, including two training rooms. On the ground floor there will be the recording rooms for podcasts and video game training and 3D printing, with 18 and 16 seats, respectively, as well as the rest of the common areas, secretary and concierge. The upper area of ​​the building, Muñoz explained, will have a meeting room, an open work space with 8 workstations, a cafeteria and a main room.

The investment allocated to the reform of the building exceeds the half a million euros80% co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), within the framework of Spain’s Pluriregional Operational Program 2014-2020.

This initiative is part of a larger project, called Marbella Creative and Inclusive City, “an initiative with which we seek to diversify our economy, create new job opportunities and support the employment of the most vulnerable groups”, indicated the mayor. Likewise, 180,000 euros will be allocated to furniture and state-of-the-art computer and audiovisual equipment.

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