Forest firefighters, working on the Sierra Bermeja fire.

Next Friday, November 5, from 5:00 p.m., the solidarity event ‘Naturarte’ will be held at the Padre Manuel Cultural Center, which will raise funds for the recovery of Sierra Bermeja.

The organizers have devised this multifaceted event that will bring together nature and poetry. The activities program includes a market with the creations of a group of artisans, as well as a poetry and music recital that will be coordinated by the Estepona writer Yohana Anaya Ruiz. The author has also announced that 50 percent of the proceeds from her latest book ‘What has remained of me’ will also be donated to Sierra Bermeja.

Full program

5:00 p.m.: Market (participants):

  • Lorena Castaño has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Malaga. Bookmarks, graphic and editorial design.
  • Cristina Bustos Reca is attracted to art in almost all its aspects. One of the things that characterizes the methods and tools used in their creations is that they always follow the principles of the three “Rs” as much as possible: reduce, reuse and recycle. It will display brooches and cloth bags.
  • Ana María Ruíz Sousa. Cloth brooches and bags.
  • Second-hand books will also be on sale.

19:00 hours, Recital and Music (participants):

  • Yohana Anaya Ruiz. She is 27 years old, has a degree in Hispanic Philology from the University of Malaga, and has a master’s degree in Management of Spanish Literary and Linguistic Heritage and a Master’s Degree in Spanish Language and Literature. He has published 5 books.
  • Victor Manuel Muñoz. He is a professor in Malaga, of language and literature, and French. He is currently working on his first novel.
  • Kesia Disaya García-García. She is a writer, yoga teacher, and stand-up comedian. She is the author of eleven literary works, aimed mainly at young audiences.
  • Mariano López: great actor from Estepona, who has a lot of participation in Spanish theater and series.
  • Miguel López. He is 59 years old and was born in Estepona. He has been in the Farándula Municipal Theater Group for 38 years and has to his credit 3 performance awards in various theater competitions. In addition, he writes poetry and for almost a decade he has been training in singing school, his greatest vocation.
  • The musician from Estepona José Rodríguez will open and close the recital. In addition to being part of different groups and choirs in the area, he has accompanied flamenco poets and cantaores, such as the great Esteponero cantaor Silvestre Contreras, among others, and rappers such as Ceska de Rojos Crew, Hage, Funking Fans or G the Beast.

Tickets for the recital and music show are priced at 5 euros and can be purchased at the box office. The proceeds will go to the bank account opened by the Estepona City Council for the recovery of Sierra Bermeja.

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