More than thirty people between residents and merchants of the center of Marbella They have shown this Friday their rejection of the work that the Consistory plans to start next week in the streets Virgen del Pilar and Nuestra Señora de Gracia, which they ask to undertake it in sections to avoid the traffic cut in the area and the consequent closure from shops due to lack of parking and accessibility.

The lawyer Marcos Gil has been in charge of reading a manifesto in which he has expressed the discomfort of the neighbors and businessmen in the area, highlighting that “it is inadmissible that during a period of eight months, which will undoubtedly be more, all three streets are closed to traffic at the same time, making it impossible to access the different garages and making pedestrian traffic extremely difficult ”.

As has been explained, this “will mean serious economic damage for merchants in the area, that in many cases they will be forced to close their establishments, thus aggravating the already difficult situation marked by the health pandemic ”.

On the other hand, he has indicated that they will see each other affected the elderly and / or people with reduced mobility who reside in the area, as well as having pointed to the “traffic jam that will generate the total cut of such a basic nucleus of the road network as are the streets that are going to be closed.”

“We are demonstrating not so much to oppose some works, which in any case we consider unnecessary, but above all because of the way in which apparently they are going to be carried out,” lamented Gil, who has criticized “lack of participation by the affected citizens ”, for which he has requested to halt the start of work,“ carry out the work in sections ”and hold a meeting with the City Council to look for alternatives.

Another problem that those affected share is the lack of parking, since the Consistory has enabled the “floor -3” of the Plaza del Mar Shopping Center, which is “public to the City Council, which has given 250 places to the owners of the area”, as specified by Jorge Gil, who manages two neighborhood communities, although this provision has not materialized for merchants and their customers. The lawyer has criticized that the space is located “one kilometer” from the homes, for which he proposes “an exemption to park in the blue zone.”

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