A thirty residents of Estepona has gathered this Wednesday at the Palacio de Congresos, where the Advanced Command Post has been enabled for six days to coordinate the Sierra Bermeja fire – which is under control -, to to say goodbye amid applause and cheers to the troops who have withdrawn from the Military Emergency Unit (UME) and from the media contributed by other autonomous communities to disassemble the installation.

The most repeated words among passers-by were those of rage and helplessness. “We have lived the fire with great sadness, but we could not do anything“Said Clara Muñoz, a neighbor of Estepona who has come this Wednesday to fire the troops who have worked in the fire, where it has affected the” penalty for the animals, the evicted people and the death of the cruel firefighter. ” María Cervera has expressed how she has spent these days: “With much pain, anger, helplessness and indignation, it is what we have felt ”, while thanking the troops for their work, lamenting the death of the deceased firefighter and the two injured, who“ have risked their lives to save our jewel, Sierra Bermeja ”.

Bryan Núñez is a neighbor of the Alcazaba Beach urbanization who has spent these days “with a lot of ailment for the people who were near the fire and who had to be evacuated and for the firefighter who died ”. By the situation “It seemed almost like Vietnam, with constant helicopters and planes collecting water on the beach, incredible ”, he indicated, while showing his“ concern and helplessness of doing nothing, being physically skilled and not being able to collaborate because there is nothing to do ”.

Salvador Román resides in the Cadiz town of Tesorillo and spends a few days in Estepona. Connoisseur of Sierra Bermeja, has highlighted the “anger” that the fire has generated because a place like thatTo get it to 20% it will cost a lot ”. The flames have left a mark on his retina “To see from the front that huge tongue of fire and those planes and people fighting against it.”

Rafaela Román, a neighbor of Estepona, has indicated that she has lived through the fire “With a lot of uncertainty, with a lot of pain and helplessness”. “The fire was difficult to put out, but it could have been done better, the governments have failed because they have not agreed and due to their disputes, it has not been sent to the UME sooner, that is why this fire has not been stopped when it should ”, he has opined.

“Those who have been in the fire have done very well, because they have left their skin there for the crap of money they earn and the contract that they have precarious. That must not be allowed, there must be a checkpoint or a forestry corps for each municipality to take care of this jewel, we have let it lose it ”, he criticized. In addition, he stressed that “this mountain range has an incalculable value from the geological and biological point of view, worse it has not been cared for and it has not been maintained.”

Francisco Javier Cózar is a native of Genalguacil who works as a taxi driver in Estepona, who has related how he has spent these days “with a tremendous concern and seeing that everything burned, from here we have been suffering like those who have been there at the foot of the canyon ”.

“A lung has been burned that will take time to recover”, he regretted, although he hopes it will be achieved over time, just as there are “many families who have been left with nothing.” For this reason, he has asked the administrations to “help us so that these things do not happen again and help the people of the field to maintain it and do not put so many obstacles “.

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