The areas of Infrastructure and Works, Education and Parks and Gardens work together to improve educational facilities in the municipality of Manilva.

On this occasion it is a highly demanded work, as Diego José Jiménez commented, which has consisted in the replacement of the surface of the playground of the Sabinillas Nursery School through the same process carried out in other centers, in which it has been used rubber floor and artificial grass has been placed on top so that the little ones have a more comfortable and above all safer space.

The surface in which it operates has about 300 m² and it is already proceeding to the placement in this children’s enclosure, which also has games for the little ones and that, as the mayor of Parks and Gardens, Francisco Becerra, explained, these are They will be renovating and incorporating in the other children’s centers of the municipality.

The renovation and maintenance of the educational facilities in the town is a priority for the government team as well as for the person in charge of Education, Daniel Muñoz, who also visited the center to check the progress of the work.

It should also be noted that the existing trees on the premises will not be affected by these tasks and that in just a few days the students of the Sabinillas nursery will have this completely renovated recreation space.

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