The Manilva City Council, through the Mayor’s Office and Town Planning areas, has sent a personalized letter to each of the 140 neighbors whose homes adjoin the Sabinillas Children’s Colony.

On the one hand, an official notification from the Town Planning Department, whose delegated councilor for the area is Marcos Ruiz, and another signed by the mayor of Manilva, Mario Jiménez, explaining in detail the process that is being carried out.

These notifications give a hearing and a deadline to submit suggestions to the document on the Progress of the Internal Reform Plan of the Execution Unit SA-3 «Colonia Infantil».

This urban planning instrument promoted by the City Council has as its primary objective the opening up to the municipality of the lands of the Colony, obtaining the roads connecting Sabinillas with the Puerto de la Duquesa and the northern area of ​​the aforementioned nucleus, in addition to the corresponding areas free and public parking area.

For the Government Team, it is essential to satisfy the general interest through the exercise of the public function of urban planning to achieve a renewed municipal area and improve the quality of life of citizens.

The aforementioned project, in addition to its urbanization and connection with the environment, will facilitate mobility, expand green areas and pedestrian spaces, all without modifying or affecting the situation of any of the surrounding homes or premises.

In this way, both the local councilor and the aforementioned mayor want to know the opinion of their neighbors and their contributions, since the administrative procedure is a long and complex process.

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