This week began the courses of Ceramic and Batik, taught through the Training and Employment Promotion area, directed by Marcos Ruiz. These induction workshops could not be carried out in the previous Form T program, due to the restrictions of the pandemic. The ceramic course is taught by Conchi Ferrer, and in his classes ceramic and mosaic are worked through the dry rope technique.

As for Batik’s workshop, whose monitor is Rocío Tovar, Registered users will explore this modality used to color fabrics and which consists of applying layers of wax on the regions that do not wish to be dyed.

The workshops will consist of 30 hours of learning in small groups as indicated by the mayor, Marcos Ruiz, who commented that many people have requested these courses, no longer so focused on the field of training with job opportunities, but on a more playful aspect . In addition, when they are finished, an exhibition will be held so that all interested people can see the works. It should be remembered that both professionals have collaborated in the decoration of different emblematic points of the town.

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