australian singer Nick Cave and his band, have driven the audience crazy Cala Mijas festival, provoking catharsis for the public at the cultural event, which premieres its first edition this September in the Costa del Sol town and which today has been flooded with rock, post-punk and experimental sounds. The group has gone on stage around 9:00 p.m. on the main stage of the festival, Sunrise, where the rain has not prevented the eager attendees from enjoying the legendary band of the 80s.

The performance has started with ‘Get ready for love’‘There she goes my beautiful world’, ‘From her to eternity’ and ‘O children’, on a night that has been marked by the artist’s interaction with his audience, totally dedicated.

It was followed by the powerful ‘Jubilee street’, with which the singer approached his audience to perform the song, and introduced parts of ‘cry, cry, cry, boom, boom, boom’ as a general tone throughout the performance; inviting the attendees to sing with their hands raised to feel it under the drops of the night. At that moment, they have given him a pendant from the pit that he has paraded around the public to then put it in his pocket.

The catharsis has arrived when the battery has been present and has driven the public crazyand that Cave has shaken accompanying with some piano notes at the same time that the choristers in silver sang the lyrics, causing madness on stage with the applause of the followers.

They have been followed by ‘I need you’ or ‘Bride horses’, which he has performed with tradition at the most melodic moment of the night, which he has played on the piano to end with a great applause that he has thanked.

During the concert Cave touched his audience, invited them to sing into his microphone, and even asked a girl to dance on stage with ‘Tupelo’. The emotion has been total among the front rows, who have been able to touch the artist on numerous occasions along with the electrifying sounds of the band in the purest psychedelic style.

He continued with ‘Mercy seat’ and ‘Ship song’, which was followed by ‘Girl in amber’, with which he resumed hand-to-hand contact with his audience and his walk while singing the chorus of the song, which acclaimed Cave from the pit of the Sonora Mijas, into which he threw himself with confidence and raising his knees.

A harmonica has introduced the dark ‘city of refuge’, with which the artist has continued to tour the stage and playing to his people, once again driving the Cala Mijas auditorium crazy. With the rhythmic and sonorous ‘White elephant’ he has put the finishing touch to the performance, with the maximum excitement of the public, after which he has given thanks to introduce the members of his band and say good night.

It didn’t take the insistence of the audience to go out and sing the vises turn, which started with ‘Into my arms’ on the piano, visibly moved, a melodic song in which the attendees accompanied a dedicated Cave, and which he approved with his head and a standing ovation. He has followed ‘Vortex’ with the forcefulness of the guitars, where he has signed a book and has won the medal previously awarded.

With ‘Whiping song’ the Australian artist from the Cala Mijas stage has said goodbye, whose notes have caused the direction of cave to raise his arms, bouncing the notes off the slopes of the town leaving the best taste in the mouth of the underground scene international in a jacket suit, accompanied by a great farewell applause between a cross of cheers and thanks with arms raised from the pit.

The public, crazy during the concert.

The public, crazy during the concert.



The doors of the festival opened at 5:00 p.m. to celebrate the second day of the musical event, which was in charge of inaugurating the trio of B2BBS girls with their individual electronic sets and their mixer to start the dance on the Caleta stage, the most charming and isolated in the great area of ​​Sonora Mijas. The performances by the Hermanos Muñoz duo continued with their combination of Latin rhythms and ambient or rhythm & blues; María Arnal and Marcel Bagés with their extravagant and striking pop and Queralt Lahoz, who has vindicated his Andalusian roots by mixing hip-hop, rhythm and blues and flamenco on the stages of Renault, Sunrise and Victoria, the rest of the venues that make up the cultural commitment of the Cala Mijas initiative.

The afternoon continued with the session Joe Goddard’s DJ, which once again offered a set of electronic and house music on the secluded stage, with the audience pointing to the disco ball installed on its upper part, recalling the dance floors of past decades. The party continued in the space hours later with the staging of Chico Blanco, the musical debut of Gazzi from Jaén with his warm electronica injected into his work ‘I know you’ll be here’, or the Belgian duo Charlotte Adigéry & bolis pupul with their groovy house sound, which took the dance floors to the mountains of Mijas.

They sounded almost in unison around 8:00 p.m., but without overlapping, the young Spanish Rusowsky with his bedroom pop on the Renault stage, while the Meute band did it on the Victoria.

At the halfway point of the day, the singer Nick Cave has been the protagonist, who has taken to the stage of the main stage of the Sonora Mijas with his band, The bad seats, to perform his hits and present his latest album, ‘Ghosteen’. The performance closes the group’s European tour.

Late at night, it was the turn for the Colombians stereo pump, who offered the best of their psychedelic cumbia to present their new work, ‘Deja’, which fuses electronic music with champeta, reggae or rock. The performance began with ‘Aire, agua, fuego’, ‘Pájaro’ with a tropical dance, which was followed by ‘Sentiendo’.

With ‘Somos dos’ he has made the public move their hips to continue with ‘To my love’, where he has expressed his love before the critics and his assistants.

During the performance, the audience enjoyed the jungle sounds, Colombian folkloric percussions and reggaeton rhythms of songs ‘Soy lo que soy’ to finish performing their successful ‘Fuego’.

At the same time, Kraftwerk appeared on stage at the Victoria with its fusion of psychedelic and progressive rock with the electronic avant-garde music that has been playing since the 1970s.

The morning entered fully into the Sonora Mijas with a performance by The chemical brothers, who offered a new show and a new album. At the same time, on the other side of the room, the cymbals of Bradley Zero were playing.

Partygoers were able to enjoy the performances of Hot Chip, the elegant and sinister pop of El columpio assassin with his new album ‘Ataque Celeste’ or Jennifer Cardini’s techno after 02:00 hours, closing the second day of the recently inaugurated festival Jhon Talabot and 2 manyfriends with an electronic music session.

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