The former mayor of mijas and candidate elected to the mayoralty in this town by the Popular Party (PP), Angel Nozalhas gone this Monday to the Investigating Court number 4 of Marbella to declare as being investigated for the ‘cashier case’, ensuring that he did not sign a rental contract in 2017 on behalf of the Cabopino community of owners for the installation of the same, as highlighted by the lawyer of the complainant neighbors, Antonio Jesús Doblas.

The oral hearing takes place in full negotiation to govern the Mijas Town Hall after the elections of May 28, which have resulted in a polarity of blocks that forces the political forces to agree to achieve an absolute majority of 13 councilors in the municipal Corporation, having obtained the PSOE 10 councilors and the PP 9 , so they are at the expense of the support of Vox (3), Ciudadanos (2) or Por Mi Pueblo (1).

Last October, a group of owners of the luxurious Cabopino urbanization in Marbella filed a complaint against Nozal for having allegedly signed a lease for the installation of an ATM in the area, all of this supposedly in the capacity of property administrator and on behalf of the community without authorization from the board of owners to do so by not acting as such at that time, something that the mayor already denied to this newspaper last May.

The statement as investigated by the popular was set for this Monday in the Investigating Court number 4 of Marbella, at 10:00 a.m., where Nozal “has given a statement assisted by his lawyer” and in the presence of the legal representation of the complaining neighbors, for which “the proceedings have been carried out”, as confirmed by the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA).

Nozal answers the judge’s questions

The lawyer of the complaining neighbors has indicated that during the oral hearing, the elected candidate of the PP in Mijas “You have only answered your honor’s questions”, relating to the contract or income from the rental of the space where the ATM is installed. In this sense, he has pointed out that Nozal has declared that “it is not his signature, that it is true that his name appears because the 2002 contract was cut and pasted, and that is where the error came from.”

On the other hand, Doblas has commented that the judge has asked the person being investigated how it is possible that no one had noticed to date that the landlord’s name was incorrect in the contact, pointing out that the popular has indicated that “he does not know the reason.”

In addition, Nozal has been questioned about his position in the Cabopino community, pointing out that “until 2010 he was an administrator” and that later “he has dedicated himself to politics”, as specified by Doblas. Also by who exercises the representation of it, which is carried out by his wife, Michelle van Gaalen, who is also being investigated by a court in Marbella for an alleged crime against the property of the Cabopino community of owners.

The lawyer for the complaining party has indicated that the popular he has “accepted his right not to declare” when he has questioned him in the framework of the judicial investigation, as well as the lawyer who has assisted Nozal has not asked his client questions. Finally, Doblas has indicated that the judge has decided to “carry out more proceedings” and request “the statement of the administrator, the president and the company responsible for the ATMs.”

On the other hand, this newspaper has unsuccessfully tried to obtain Ángel Nozal’s version of his statement in the context of the judicial investigation, although last May he denied that he had signed the rental contract: “I did not sign the contract. It was signed by the president, Gianni Fieno“, said. In this sense, the PP candidate for Mayor of Mijas explained that “Banco Popular, now Santander, sent a renewal of the contract to the community in which I put my name as a representative of the same, not being it and the president signed as a representative of the community ”.

My signature, therefore, does not appear anywhere because on that date I was no longer its representative. The annual contract was for about 3,000 euros that the bank deposited monthly into a community checking account at Santander’s own bank, ”he assured, while clarifying that” I have not been the administrator of Cabopino since 2010 ”.

The complaint deals with “facts that may involve alleged acts constituting the criminal type of fraud, misappropriation and unfair administration, among others” and that the residents of this community of Marbella qualify as “alleged crimes against community property of owners” for signing the contract supposedly as administrator without authorization to do so, and for an alleged decrease in income from renting the space of “12,311.43 euros” between 2017 and 2022, according to the document .

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