Nudism is a current that distorts nudity’s sexual meaning. The nudist colonies have their rules in this regard and although the general public may see something exotic in them, they have extensive historical roots, have been practiced in communities around the world and, depending on fashions and different times, have had more or less acceptance. Nowadays, the practice of nudism is not something excessively rare and on the Costa del Sol, where the weather is favorable for much of the year, nudists from all over the world have made pilgrimages in recent decades.

However, the offer of nudist places is not as wide as, for example, that of hotels for adults only. Of course, the nudist communities of the Malaga coast have a history of decades behind them and offer many possibilities for a vacation stay with the family, couple or alone. For those who want to try or do not have the habit of nudism, it is best to ask about approaching it without the prejudices that clichés and jokes attribute to it, bearing in mind that hygiene at opportune times or places is as important as if nudism were not practiced. nudism. Part of the arguments that, beyond comfort, is that not wearing clothes in a conventional way when the temperature conditions allow it helps to avoid problems of self-esteem, personal perception or excessive sexualization. Beyond the deepest aspects of nudism, those who practice it have the possibility of doing it on their vacations in various hotel points in the province of Malaga.

Nature Coast, Estepona

It is a complex of apartments and studios, with common areas ranging from large gardens to gardens or restaurants. In addition, it is next to one of the naturist beaches in the province and the environment is quite beautiful. It is one of the oldest naturist communities in the south of the Iberian Peninsula and it attracts visitors from all over Europe. The atmosphere is familiar and it has quite a few types of rooms and options around the facilities. It is not far from the center of Estepona or one of the beaches for dogs on the Malaga coast.

Finca Johana, Iznate

It is a cozy building that houses a guest house with themed rooms, a jacuzzi, a swimming pool, a large patio, and impressive views over the part of La Axarquia in which it sits. Iznate. It is about eight kilometers from Triana, the town in Malaga with a Buddhist stupa; less than 15 of cutarthe town of the monfi Al-Jayyarwhose diaries have been a legacy on life in the last years of Al Andalus and less than 25 of Saya Longa, the town where Freemasonry left its legacy almost a century and a half ago. Of course, Vélez Málaga is another point very close to this naturist point that has been very well received in the time it has been operating.

Almanat naturist campsite, Almayate

Another place with a lot of naturist roots that is next to one of the beaches where nudism is practiced in the province of Malaga. It is a very well equipped campsite that is surrounded by a forest of palm trees and an environment in which you can find some of the oldest Phoenician settlements in the province, it is 18 kilometers from the impressive and historic Treasure Cave and it is also close to Vélez and not far from the capital of Malaga itself. It opens every day of the year and is one of the few campsites of this type in the entire peninsula.

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