The first deputy mayor of Mijas and mayor of Tourism, José Carlos Martín, announced this morning that the internationally known brand of cocoa cream ‘nutella’ has selected one of the points of the Mijas Selfie Route for its new advertising campaign called We have good things at home. With this special edition, the company intends to promote tourism in Spain, for which it has chosen 15 exceptional tourist destinations within our country. “We are grateful and proud that they have opted for one of our corners for this initiative that has so much impact because we will be in the windows of all the stores and supermarkets in Spain. We are the only municipality in Andalusia within this campaign and for us It is very important that they select us again, this time Nutella, within the Spanish star destinations,” says Martín.

In this way, An image of Muros de Mijas Pueblo street appears on the cocoa cream jar made from the selfie point marked on the ground. On the company’s official website there is a section dedicated to Mijas where they highlight its beauty as “a set of houses built on the mountain with magnificent views of the Mediterranean. A beautiful town distributed on winding slopes that go up and down, full of colored pots, overflowing with geraniums that contrast with the white of the facades” as well as pointing out that “the donkeys of Mijas have become a very peculiar curiosity of this town, famous, precisely, for its transport system”. In the text referring to the municipality, they also recommend the most emblematic places to visit.

“This campaign helps us to project ourselves even more in our country, completing the impulse that we have made from the Tourism area in recent years that has earned us to lead prominent rankings in our country” says the first deputy mayor who details examples such as “the appointment of the city in 2022 as Capital of rural tourism in Malaga‘and in 2021 be part of the 20 best rural destinations on the coast of Spain. To this is added that the well-known eBooking tourist accommodation website highlighted Mijas as one of the destinations with the highest growth last year, increasing its searches by 69 percent”.

Mijas has presented this year The Selfie Routee where the council returns to bet on the typical Andalusian town and its best corners, views and artistic historical heritage. “We always work with our seven main tourist segments, but in each campaign we highlight one. This time we return to the charm of Mijas Pueblo to promote that upward trend that characterizes us as a coastal destination and Mediterranean town that our potential public is demanding so much”, informs the mayor.

The ‘Selfie Route’

The new bet of the department for the tourist promotion of the municipality in this season is based on the promotion through social networks with the ‘Mijas Selfie Route’. “This initiative represents an added value to our tourist offer since it is a unique route where 15 points stand out from where visitors, Instagrammers, or influencers, in general, can take their best selfie of the historic center of the city. In this way, we will be present on all these platforms where we will show our best views, highlighting our attractive landscape”, points out Martín, who details that “in each location the Operational Services have placed a yellow plaque on the ground indicating the best spot to take photos”.

In this sense, it should be noted that it was precisely at one of those points where cocoa cream brand has captured the image for its promotional action. “I want to thank Nutella for her commitment to Mijas but, in addition, I want to extend my thanks to the Students of Guide, Information and Tourist Assistance of the IES La Vega de Mijas for their involvement in the preparation of this route since they have been the ones who have developed the project coordinated by the head of the Tourism service, Juan Carlos Acevedo and his teacher, Beatriz Domingo”, adds the first deputy mayor.

The guides who have carried out this initiative during their internship period in the Department of Tourism are: Francisco Martín, María Fernández, Ignacio Pino, Johanna Jiménez and Víctor Losada. “These young people had the inconvenience of the pandemic after finishing the theoretical part because they could not stay in tourist offices or indoors, so the department proposed this idea that has allowed them to develop the skills they have learned during their training outdoors to At the same time, they have provided us with a powerful promotional tool that has reached large companies such as Nutella”, concludes Martín.

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