A family has squatted a luxury villa located on the very first line of the beach, in the municipality of Mijas. The house, of 1,500 square meters, is valued at around two million euros and was acquired by its owners two years ago. This is the time that its owners have been waiting to be able to enjoy their property, since the squatting occurred shortly after they signed the deed property before a notary.

Squatters are a family of gypsy ethnicity with a widowed matriarch and her children. In an interview on the show Public mirror Antena 3 has assured that “he has nowhere to sleep and that They are not in the front line on a whim, but out of necessity»Since they do not have a roof to be able to spend every day.

The homeowners have offered them pay them several months of rent in another smaller house where everyone can live, and they have hired a undocking company to reach an agreement and release the house in the shortest possible time. In addition, and given the news of the death of a relative of the squatters, they have decided to postpone the eviction for a few days to respect the duel.

The woman has said that they are going to stay in the luxurious villa «until they give us a techor », and that they will continue in it until they get another house.

Luxury Villa

The first thing that strikes you about this luxury home is its location: on the same beach, only separated by a promenade barely three meters wide. The villa has inside two chalets and indoor pool, with a total area of ​​1,500 square meters.

When the owners signed the purchase of the house at the notary, and practically immediately, the squatters entered it, remaining in the same almost two years ago.

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