A user of a health center in Marbella has been detained by the National Police for causing damage to three private toilet cars after not being satisfied with the medical attention received.

The suspect allegedly caused extensive damage to three private toilet vehicles, parked in the parking lot of the Las Albarizas outpatient clinic, as reported by the Police this Monday in a statement.

According to the investigations, the alleged person responsible for the damage is a young man, 22 years old, who, moments before the incident, starred an altercation inside the health center, not satisfied with the care received.

Upon leaving the clinic and in retaliation for the previous incident, the user was used to blows with the cars parked in the parking lot, breaking multiple windows and causing dents and scratches on three vehicles.

Although initially the young man managed to flee, The Police identified him and located him and he has already been brought to justice for alleged damage to three vehicles, in addition to the theft of personal effects in one of them.

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