The National Police has arrested in Marbella to one of the runaways included in the list of criminals UK’s Most Wanted. This is Dean Garforth, 30, who had an International Arrest Warrant issued by the British authorities for drug and arms trafficking offenses.

The arrest of the fugitive took place this past Monday, October 24, in a urbanization of the town of Marbella, where Garfforth had established his residence and tried to go unnoticed among an important British colony.

In fact, according to a statement issued by the National Police, the detainee was taking important security measures and hardly allowed to be seendespite which he has been located when he left his home with sunglasses and a cap, on board an electric bicycle.

At the time of being identified, the detainee attacked an agent with his bicycle, injuring two policemen who were slightly injured. In addition to being detained under an International Arrest Order, the fugitive was also arrested for a crime of resistance and disobedience, for which he has been placed at the disposal of the Central Investigating Court number 5 of the National High Court.

Campaign to help identify fugitives

His arrest takes place in the framework of the Most WantedOctober operation, a Project of the British National Crime Agency (NCA) and the NGO Crimestoppers launched in 2006 to identify fugitives wanted by British police, mainly for crimes of drug trafficking, murder, robbery and arms trafficking in the United Kingdom and that it is suspected that they could have fled to Spain.

Through recent editions of the Most Wanted campaign, officials from the Home Office, the UK’s National Crime Agency and Crimentoppers had requested citizen collaboration to obtain any clues that would lead to the whereabouts of a list of twelve criminals who were suspected of being in Spain.

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