The National Police have located an arsenal of firearms and ammunition in a house in Estepona. The residence was uninhabited, and its tenants they would not have paid the rent since November 2021, finding himself without electricity due to non-payment of bills. The weapons were distributed throughout several rooms, intervening more than 50 firearms – 30 pistols, 8 submachine guns, 12 shotguns, 2 revolvers-, as well as 15 silencers, 8 blades to cut metal, 30 balaclavas and 2 beacons among other effects.

Agents from the Estepona Police Station are carrying out an investigation -Operation Rambo- for the discovery of firearms and ammunition in a local house. The facts go back to

month of May of last year, when by chance they located a large number of effects in an uninhabited building, including pistols, submachine guns, shotguns and revolvers.

Professionals related to housing management access a property, supposedly abandoned, whose tenants have not paid the rent since November 2021. Inside they locate a large number of objects, so they go to the premises of the Estepona police station to expose the facts.

Subsequently, and after verifying the discovery of the weapons and ammunition by the agents of the National Police, an investigation begins for the clarification of the facts.

A double-barreled pistol keychain and 30 balaclavas

Inside the building are located, spread over several rooms, 30 pistols of different calibers, 8 submachine guns, 12 shotguns, 2 revolvers, 8 blades to cut metal, 2 beacons, 30 balaclavas and 15 silencers. Likewise, telescopic sights, cannons, transport cases for weapons, files, chargers, as well as numerous ammunition are intervened.

Among these effects, a double-barreled pistol was found, in the shape of a keychain, as well as four long-sleeved shirts, four sweatpants and three pairs of sneakers, all navy blue and unused. 30 balaclavas of the same color have also been intervened, which seems to indicate that the house could be used by more than one person.

The investigation remains open, pending the identification and location of the residents.

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