Garbage on a bench on Ricardo Soriano Avenue.

Garbage accumulates in a bank located on Avenida Ricardo Soriano, in the center of Marbella. Bags, cans, bottles, cartons … They crowd this busy street to which cleaning workers have to go on several occasions, even yesterday to appear at the place up to 7 times on the same day.

According to the Councilor for Cleaning, Diego López, there are about four homeless people who frequent this bank and where they dump their trash every two hours or two and a half hours: «Operators have to go normally three or four times, and yesterday even up to seven times. We, from our Delegation, is the only thing we can do ».

Cleaning worker collecting trash from the bank on Ricardo Soriano Avenue.

More than six large bags of garbage a day are collected by the cleaning workers of the Marbella City Council, encountering this disastrous image several times during the day and without being able to do anything about it. «We can’t have a policeman there 24 hours until those responsible are given to appear, “commented the mayor to this medium.

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