“We have collected numerous complaints from residents of our town who have approached our headquarters to protest to request our intervention before the passivity of the Mayor’s Office, as well as the lack of ineffectiveness on the part of the Environment and Beaches delegation itself of Marbella “, they have affirmed from the OSP group, which has also ensured that parents have to see the poor condition of the beach of San Pedro Alcántara that makes” almost impractical “any sporting activity,” being our children those who pay the consequences of this mismanagement of the Popular Party ».

The municipal group is going to present a motion to the next plenary session of the Marbella City Council to put out to tender the purchase or renting of two cleansers to be able to carry out the fine-tuning work of the San Pedro Alcántara beaches throughout the year “given the importance that they have both at a tourist level and at an expansive leisure level for residents of our town ». From OSP they have also pointed out the importance of having beaches that are “attractive” for both national and international tourists, as well as for local residents: “We find ourselves with beaches full of stones, rotten seaweed They have not retired for weeks, something that is happening in the middle of the high season.

According to the members of the group, they have verified by publications on social networks that neighbors complain after practicing volleyball, beach soccer or any other activity when leaving with injuries “due to the stones and the poor general condition of the sand.”

During the administration of OSP in the San Pedro Mayor’s Office, the beaches were a priority issue during the 4 years of the legislature. They began to be cleaned up in January so that they would arrive at Easter suitable for all audiences ».

Movement for the inclusion of streets in the province of São Paulo in the second phase of the installation of video surveillance cameras

On the other hand, the PASB has criticized the fact that San Pedro Alcántara has been left out of the installation of video surveillance cameras the streets proposed in the locality. «The residents of the Plaza de la Libertad do not conceive that streets in the center of Marbella have more incidents in public safety than the aforementioned square. They assure that they are witnesses almost every weekend of different fights and brawls«, They affirm from the group, adding that they are opinions very similar to those they receive from merchants and neighbors.

The municipal group OSP affirms that it has always supported the installation of urban video surveillance in all possible places in the municipality of Marbella and in San Pedro Alcántara: «In the first meetings this political group held with the commissioner of the National Police and chief of the Marbella Local Police, there were always some streets and squares that according to the statistics of complaints fell within the susceptible parameters for the installation of video surveillance cameras ».

Although they affirm that the main method for crime prevention is the regular presence of security forces, the lack of personnel makes it “necessary” to install cameras to help in this work. «For this reason, OSP will request in plenary session that it be urgently modified and it is required that the video surveillance cameras of Liberty Square, Church Square, Marqués del Duero Street, Mediterranean Avenue, Constitution Avenue and Córdoba and Lagasca streets«.

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