A 42-year-old man has been arrested in the municipality of Marbella after his daughter, a child under eleven monthsadmitted to the hospital, in critical condition, after allegedly ingesting cannabis that was his property. The minor’s mother has also been arrested for her alleged involvement.

The events occurred last Wednesday when the parents took the little girl to the emergency room, as she had a picture of cyanosis -it is the bluish coloration of the skin due to insufficient oxygenation of the blood-, according to the pediatrician who attended the minor. A condition that was supposedly due to cannabis intake.

In this way, the medical services required the presence of the National Police due to the intoxication of the baby by a narcotic substance. Upon arrival, the agents they arrested the father of the little girl as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of child abandonment and mother for his alleged involvement in the events.

The little girl was admitted in the observation service, where he still remains, but he is already conscious and waiting to be discharged. Of the facts he knows the Court of Instruction of Guard of Detainees Number Two of Marbella.

Another case case of a baby intoxicated by cocaine

Last August, a ten-month-old baby was also admitted to the Maternal and Child Hospital in Malaga for three days for allegedly ingesting cocaine. Apparently, the minor’s mother took him to the Emergency Room, since the little his pupils were dilated and he was sleepyand explained to the toilets that they were at the home of a neighbor who was selling clothes when the little boy took “something from the ground” and put it in his mouth.

The results of the toxicological analyzes of blood and urine carried out on the baby gave positive for cocaine and the medical professionals decided that the minor would remain admitted to the health center for a few days. Despite the fact that the mother preferred that the little one finish recovering at her home, the specialists considered that the most appropriate thing was to prolong the admission and that the baby continue under medical surveillance while waiting for her evolution, in addition to communicating the case to social workers.

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