A newborn in stock image.
A newborn in stock image.

As of October, the regulations in the Civil Registry changed. If before to register a newborn baby you did not need an appointment, now you have to request it online. A month ago, a neighbor from Estepona contacted this medium to explain that his son had just been born and that They did not give him an appointment for more than a month, which did not allow him to take him to the pediatrician or even receive unemployment benefit.

A few days ago, from the Marbella Se Complaint platform, they published a video where they complained about this situation and exposed the case of David, a father who just had his newborn daughter and who encountered this problem when registering to the little one. “My daughter was born on October 29 and apparently the hospital does not register you if it is the weekend, you have to do it yourself in the registry, in a maximum of 72 hours. When I went to make an appointment through the web, they did not give me an appointment until mid-December. It did not give me the option of taking it before, so I could not take it to the pediatrician or access my benefit, and neither could my wife. I was going to stay unpaid until the end of January, with all the Christmas expenses and without a penny, ”the father told the Costa del Sol Area.

A situation that the matron herself could not believe, insisting that the registry it must be done within a maximum period of 30 days. For this reason, Diego Escalona, ​​the creator of the Marbella Se Complaint page, did not hesitate to publish a video denouncing these events and asking that measures be taken so that more families would not have to go through the same thing. A video that went viral and that apparently helped to increase the number of appointments, since the next day it was possible to go to the Registry practically every day in the month of November and December. “They say that children come with bread under their arms, but it seems to me that this week they are going to come with a lot of problems. The regulations have changed in the Registry a few days ago and it must be done electronically. If my friend does not register his daughter, he cannot claim unemployment benefit and they will be left without a penny until January, having to continue paying for electricity, water, diapers, the mortgage, telephone … and all the taxes in the world, ”declared the owner of the page in his video.

Extension of appointments in November the day after the video is published.

For their part, from Justice they affirm that there has been a major delay due to the pandemic and they are now catching up on appointments, having enabled the following months so that no one is left without being able to register their baby. Likewise, they ensure that precisely the web is a tool that they offer to facilitate the management of the appointment and that they know what documentation they have to provide at the time of registration so that they do not have to go twice.

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