The Sports Complex of the Municipal Pool is undergoing the work that will culminate those already carried out months ago in these facilities.

At this time, the Infrastructure and Works and Sports delegations, as reported by Councilor Diego José Jiménez, are renovating the perimeter paving of the Pool, as well as the access ramp to this sports complex.

Prior to the start of the summer season, the glass of the pool itself and the machinery room, among others, were also renewed, so once this action is completed these facilities will be in perfect condition for the enjoyment of users.

Both the mayor Diego José Jiménez and the Councilor for Sports, Manolo Gil, have checked with municipal technicians the start of these tasks.

The municipal officials have an impact on their firm commitment to sport, since it has direct repercussions for the benefit of the residents, and they have reviewed all the sports facilities that have been renovated in the term as well as those that have been added in recent times.

These works begin precisely now that a time of less use of these facilities by the population is beginning, so it will have a minimal effect on users.

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