The Royal, Illustrious, Venerable and Ancient Sacramental Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus Nazarene, Holy Mary of Greater Pain and Holy Sepulcher has traveled this Holy Wednesday the streets of the center of Marbella in a processional step of Holy Wednesday that has had the accompaniment of more than a thousand people between brothers and sisters, penitents and promises.

The “illusion” of procession was palpable in the environmentalthough the Sacred Headlines had “the great luck of having an extra outing in November”, but after two years of the pandemic they have put “the brotherhood machinery to work, which was a bit in stand-by”, according to the older brother, Juan Pedro Pérez.

The novelties of this year were already announced in that November step, highlighting “the new tunic that Our Father Jesus Nazarene wears”. On the other hand, María Santísima del Mayor Dolor has worn various elements ceded by other brotherhoods after suffering a robbery a few weeks ago at the Brotherhood House that affected the “trousseau of the Virgin”.

The Cultural and musical association Virgen de la Paz Eterna of El Ejido has been in charge of opening the procession, which has departed from the Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation at 8:30 p.m. with the departure of Our Father Jesus Nazarene, which has been carried by 120 bearers and a processional procession made up of “about 400 candle penitents” and which has been accompanied by the Marbella Musical Association.

The departure of the Holy Mary of Sorrow It has taken place after 9:00 p.m., a throne that has been carried by 120 people and that has had a “procession of 100 penitents and banners”, which has been accompanied by the music band Los Moraos de Alhaurín el Grande . Devotion to the Virgin has reached its maximum splendor with the petals which has taken place on Trinidad street, near the Monseñor Rodrigo Bocanegra school.

The exit of Maria Santísima del Dolor.

The exit of Maria Santísima del Dolor.


Maria Jesus Serrano


The step has also had the “commissions of representatives of different institutions” in a procession in which more than “1,000 people have participated between the processions, the bands” and the devotees in promise who have joined the parade to express their devotion to the Holy Holders, and who have mainly followed the Nazarene.

One of the “most emotional and significant” moments of the processional passage has been the stop of Our Father Jesus Nazarene in the bronze statue of the same that is located in Arte street, as well as that of María Santísima del Mayor Dolor between 9:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. with their respective rocking. Another of the most outstanding is when the thrones run along the corner between Salinas and Trinidad streets.

The narrowness of the streets of the Old Town of Marbella characterize the difficulty of the processional steps of Holy Week, being one of the points that generate “greatest beauty and tension” the one arranged in “the corner of Calle Chorrón and Portada”, Pérez has explained, and where the butlers have had to show their skills to overcome obstacles due to the “broadness of the thrones”.

Finally, the meeting between Our Father Jesus Nazarene and Holy Mary of the Greatest Pain It has taken place at the time of the confinement in the Holy Temple, where the Sacred Heads have been arranged face to face and the musical bands gave their best.

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