The City Council is carrying out the perimeter closure of El Capricho park with the aim of avoiding its use at night and guaranteeing safety in the area. The mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, today visited the works together with the councilor of the branch, Diego López, and the delegate of the Western District, Remedios Bocanegra, and has indicated that “it is a work that is undertaken at the request of the neighbors in a strategic enclosure that caused discomfort when used outside of the established hours”.

As the mayor has commented, the current wooden fence was insufficient to solve this situation and with the new enclosure the rest of the more than 700 residents of the area will be improved. The action, which is part of the Urbanization Conservation Plan, will have a lead time of 70 days.

The project includes the construction of 439 square meters of wall and the installation of about 550 square meters of wrought iron fence, achieving a closure of 2.5 meters in height. In addition, gates with a similar design will be placed in the nine entrances to the park. “It is an initiative that highlights the facilities of the Western District and it allows us to continue responding to the demands of residents with the aim of improving their quality of life ”, stated the councilor, who stressed that“ our goal is that all green areas and recreational spaces in the town present an optimal state for the enjoyment of citizens ”.

For her part, the president of the community of owners, Fátima Morito, explained that they feel very satisfied that their requests have been met “because it is a place with a very special charm that was being used improperly and with the execution of this project, residents are going to have more peace of mind “, and he stressed that” the aesthetics of the new enclosure is very successful because resembles that of English parks, which allows you to continue seeing the interior even after the opening hours have ended ”.

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