The most international Italian dish, pizza, reinforces its position in Spanish gastronomy and ranks as the most consumed prepared dish in homes in our country. In 2020, sales of this popular food grew by 7.3%, reaching 134,000 tons, according to data from the Spanish Association of Prepared Dishes Manufacturers (Asefapre), which includes the main manufacturers in the sector.
By type, the consumption of refrigerated pizzas exceeded 90,000 tons (+ 8.3%) and that of frozen pizzas amounted to 43,770 tons (+ 5.4%)1. “The stay of children at home has favored the consumption of products aimed at this public such as pizza because, in addition, they are easy and quick to prepare,” explains Álvaro Aguilar, general secretary of ASEFAPRE.
In the ranking of prepared dishes most consumed during 2020, in the frozen category, potato-based dishes stand out, which, with a consumption of 69,842 tons, grew 10% in relation to the previous year. Meanwhile, legume-based dishes occupy the first place in the category of prepared ambient dishes (19,608 tons and a growth of 12.7%).
In terms of percentage growth, the increase in the consumption of dishes prepared with a fish / seafood base (13,254 tons sold, with a growth of 21%) and with a meat base (20,380 tons and a growth of 17.4%) are also noteworthy. ).
Consumption of ready meals grows 8.7%

In 2020, sales of dishes prepared for consumption at home grew by 8.7%, reaching 643,990 tons, raising the consumption of ready-to-eat dishes at home to 16.94 kg per capita. “The increase in consumption occasions at home caused by the pandemic has led consumers to look for new alternatives in which to trust, allowing a varied, balanced and quality diet ”, explains Álvaro Aguilar, Asefapre’s general secretary.

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