The municipal party Por Mi Pueblo has closed the campaign this Friday with an act held in the Parque de la Alameda, where the candidate for mayor, Francisco Gómez, has highlighted its development in a “clean and honest manner, without disqualifying other parties”. .

The candidate has exposed the main points of the program in which the daily needs of our neighbors are prioritized as “the construction of a network of municipal car parks throughout the municipalitythe remodeling of Ricardo Soriano avenue and the municipal markets”.

“We will launch a public-private agreement to promote access to affordable housing from 450 euros, cwe will create a licensing department expresswe will launch a consortium between clubs, athletes, companies and the City Council to mark local sports policy and its infrastructures”, he highlighted.

On the other hand, he has indicated that “we will create a hotel school, a volunteer office and a center for pedestrians so that the homeless can sleep.” Another of the proposals is “the creation of a new marina that faces the sea and, most importantly, for all this to be possible, to improve the management of the City Council so that a budget of more than 300 million euros pays off and reverts directly to improve the quality of life of the residents of Marbella”.

“Four years ago, they promised us 130 measures of a failed electoral program and of which 100 have not been fulfilled”, lamented Gómez, who has stressed thatwe have the opportunity to have a better Marbella and not accept more promises that they said they would make and have not made. I am not asking for your vote”.

“I ask you to cast your vote for four years. If within four years our management satisfies you, we renew the loan and if not, we cancel it and you lend it to another person. We are not going to decide anything in the Junta de Andalucía or the central government, we come to something else such as these elections, where the future of Marbella is voted on. 90% of the decisions that affect the city depend on the City Council and that is why I ask you for that vote because we are focused on Marbella ”, he remarked.

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