For my Town (PMP) expels Juan Carlos Maldonadowho was the head of the list for Mijas and former mayor of the city, after his pact with the PSOE and Ciudadanos, giving the rod of command to the socialists. The decision, which was made by the National Executive of the party on June 15, will become official this Friday, June 16, when the party registers a formal petition to the Mijas City Council for Maldonado to pass to the group of non-attached councilors.

The decision was motivated, according to party sources, after Maldonado asked to veto Ciudadanos of the formation of a government in the coastal city, citing the bad personal relations that it would have with the oranges.

It is at that moment, always according to the sources consulted, when the Provincial Executive would initiate conversations with Ángel Nozal, PP candidate for Mayor, and with Vox; both being in agreement with the vote for the oranges. The surprise, they say, came when he announced the pact with the PSOE and Ciudadanos to give the commanding rod to Josele González, all behind the back of his party. “What cannot be done is say A and do B, you have to be consistent with what you say you are going to do,” say the sources consulted.

This decision, due to the structure that PMP has, does not need your ratification as they do not have affiliates, they only have organic positions, so it will become effective this Friday morning, at the same time that the letter that the party has sent to the Mijas City Council, signed by the party president, Juan Merino; for which they ask that he be included as a non-attached councilor.

The pact that gives the key to the Mayor’s Office of Mijas to the socialists was quite a surprise in the independent party, but also among the popular ones, who only a day before considered the agreement with Vox and PMP to give Nozal, the PP candidate, the leadership rod. So much so, that he, after the announcement of the agreement, announced to his party’s Executive that he was leaving the first political line.

The elections gave as result a victory to the PSOE, which after 16 years remained the most voted political force in the municipality of Mijas with 8,589 votes (33.61%) and 10 councillors. The PP obtained 8,077 votes (31.61%) and 9 mayors; Vox, 2,929 votes (11.46%) and 3 councilors, Cs, went from 6 to 2 councilors with 1,680 votes (6.57%) and Por Mi Pueblo, which was represented, after obtaining 1,412 votes (5.52%) and 1 mayor.

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