The political party Por Mi Pueblo (PMP) has chosen to put the political program before in the negotiation that is taking place during these weeks to facilitate governance in the Mijas City Council, where its elected candidate, Juan Carlos Maldonado, has the key to form the Government in the town after the municipal elections on May 28 .

The elections gave as result a victory to the PSOEwhich after 16 years is running as the most voted political force in the municipality of Mijas with 8,589 votes (33.61%) and 10 councillors, the PP obtained 8,077 votes (31.61%) and 9 councilors, Vox with 2,929 votes (11.46%) and 3 councilors, Cs went from 6 to 2 councilors with 1,680 votes (6.57%) and Por Mi Pueblo, which achieved representation, with 1,412 votes (5.52%) and 1 mayor.

The political panorama forces negotiation and agreements to form a government in the locality, since the absolute majority in the municipal Corporation is 13 councilors, leaving the spectrum polarized by two blocks initially, although it is not exempt from other possible combinations.

Thus, one of them would be the block made up of the PSOE, Cs and Por Mi Pueblo, as the elected candidate of the Socialists, Josele González, has defended, after governing with the oranges for the last 4 years. The other would be made up of a possible pact between the PP, Vox and Por Mi Pueblo. In both cases, the municipalist party would add the remaining councilor to achieve an absolute majority, although other types of equations could be given.

The training initiates contacts with the PSOE and the PP

Given this scenario, Por Mi Pueblo presents itself as the key to governance in Mijas, for which it has initiated contacts “with the two main groups” in order to reach an agreement for the formation of the new Town Hall, which will take place on June 17, as in all corners of Spain, as reported from training at the provincial level, clarifying that “nothing is closed”.

“At the moment nothing has been decided” and “we are negotiating with the two big parties, both with the PSOE and with the PP”, they have indicated from the municipalist formation, remarking that for Por Mi Pueblo “It is not a problem of who we are going to agree with, but for what”.

In this sense, they have highlighted that PMP does not have any preference regarding the parties with which it maintains the negotiation, for which they have pointed out that it is assessing that its “program is respected, at least a large part”, and that they agree with the project of the other in that “the points are the most appropriate for the municipality.”

In this way, they have ensured that Red lines have not been raised from the municipalist party when negotiating, unless “our program or a large part of it is respected”, and that “the party with which you are negotiating falls within our lines of action”, they have stressed, while indicating that none of the formations He has proposed “nothing out of the ordinary and the reasonable political positions of any program” that has been presented during the elections.

Regarding the case that a Court of Marbella has open on the so-called ‘cashier case’, in which the elected candidate of the PP for the town and former mayor, Ángel Nozal, who was called yesterday to testify yesterday Monday at the judicial headquarters in full conversations by the Mayor’s Office of Mijas, from Por Mi Pueblo they have indicated that this “does not affect the negotiation.”

Thus, they have highlighted that Nozal “had some pending cases”, but “at the moment there is no sentence that disqualifies him or that prevents him from being there”, for which they have stressed that “at the moment we have nothing to object to”, nor have they made any assessment in this regard.

PMP adds 4 majorities in Ojén, Benamocarra, Cómpeta and Igualeja

It should be remembered that Por Mi Pueblo has been the “fourth most voted political force in the province of Malaga, obtaining 4 absolute majorities in the municipalities of Benamocarra, Competa, Igualeja and Ojén and a total of 37 councilors at the provincial level compared to the 23 that it obtained in the 2019 elections, experiencing a growth of 35%, according to the party last Monday in a statement of thanks to his voters.

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