The National Police have arrested Marbella a man as allegedly responsible for a crime of robbery with violence and another of injuries in relation to events that occurred in April in a food establishment in that town.

The person arrested, a 19-year-old man who has been admitted to prison by order of the judicial authority, he would have attacked the person in charge of a store with a knife to steal the collection, although he finally fled the place without obtaining the loot.

The victim suffered a cut in the neck of about 12 centimeters and required stitches. The investigators intervened in the place a bag that the aggressor handled, a fact that was decisive for his identification, the National Police has indicated in a statement.

The investigation began as a result of the criminal acts that occurred on April 4 in Marbella. The person in charge of a business had been wounded with a gun white after being the victim of an attempted robbery. After a struggle between the parties, the assailant wounded the victim in the neck with a knife, then leaving the place without the loot. There, the criminal left behind a bag where he intended to introduce the money from the collection, an element that would facilitate his subsequent identification.

After investigations carried out by agents of the Local police station in Marbella, the investigation resulted, after a scientific study, in the identification of the author, a resident of the area. Finally, days ago, the agents managed to locate the assailant, who, at that time, was also breaking a restraining order with respect to his ex-partner.

The National Police arrested the suspect for the crimes of robbery with violence, injuries and a crime against the administration of justice. The arrested person was brought before the courts, together with the informed report, having been imprisoned by order of the judicial authority.

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