The Investigating Court number 1 of Marbella, on guard duties, has ordered this Wednesday the admission to prison provisional communicated and without bail of the two arrested for their alleged responsibility in the shooting that occurred just a few days ago in Opium, a nightclub in Marbella.

Both are being investigated by crimes of homicide, injuries and illegal possession of weapons. One as an author and the second as a cooperator, according to judicial sources.

The events happened around one in the morning on Monday. Apparently, there was a dispute that triggered shots. In total, five people were wounds -among them, the supposed person in charge of the shooting-, being four of them by firearm. Although the police investigation is still open, it is believed that the injured were affected by Lost bullets.

A man of Irish nationality and a woman, both 32 years old, are still admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) although their evolution is favorable, according to sources at the Costa del Sol Hospital, where they are being treated. The woman has trauma to the abdominal and pelvic areas; while the man suffers from chest trauma.

Another of those admitted, aged 18, was wounded by a bullet in the left hip. The fourth is 36 years old and has a gunshot wound to the back. The condition of both was not serious and both have already been discharged. The same thing happened with the alleged perpetrator of the shooting, who presented different stab wounds on the forehead, neck, back and one eye. Now the Police try to locate the alleged author of the stab wounds.

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