The Investigating Court number 1 of Marbella (Málaga) has agreed this Saturday the admission to provisional prison avoidable with the payment of a bail of 10,000 euros of the third man arrested in relation to the incidents that occurred in a nightclub in that town early Monday morning.

According to judicial sources, the man is being investigated for a crime of aggravated bodily harmpointing out that in case of being released, he must comply with several precautionary measures such as the withdrawal of the passport and the prohibition to leave the country and the periodic presentation in court.

Sources have indicated that the declaration has been developed in the health center in which the detainee is admitted, the Costa del Sol Hospital, due to the injuries suffered in the altercation, for which the judicial commission has traveled to the place.

Five people were injured in that brawl that occurred around 01:00 in the Opium nightclub and they were admitted to said hospital in Marbella. Of these, two men were arrested.

A) Yes, the first arrested was the alleged perpetrator of the shooting, who had stab wounds, and one of the gunshot wounds was also arrested, who was first admitted to the hospital’s ICU and later transferred to the floor, where he is still. In addition, investigators arrested a companion of the first.

The same trial court ordered the imprisonment of the first two arrested by the crimes of attempted homicide, injuries and illegal possession of weaponsone as alleged perpetrator and the other as a cooperator.

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