It starts up this January, after a long journey, “Protected Gastronomic Heritage”, whose purpose is to identify, protection and promotion of gastronomic heritage of the various territories, taking the appropriate and necessary measures for the conservation of the traditional gastronomic culture and identity of each country, community or geographical area.

The aim of this new seal is to preserve and spread its own gastronomic values ​​to today’s society, transmitted from generation to generation, and which are currently being replaced by a kitchen that prioritizes speed, with standardized industrial products for mass consumption. .
“Protected Gastronomic Heritage” will promote local jobs in agriculture, fishing and artisan food and agriculture trades, which are of vital interest to combat depopulation in large cities; It will also protect food, products or recipe books that contribute to maintaining the essence of the environment in territories and regions of Spain and abroad.
The entity “Protected Gastronomic Heritage” arises as a private and independent initiative to identify, protect and promote gastronomic heritage in the various regions of the world, creating a common and global seal that will allow travelers to identify the local gastronomic culture, its diversity, its heritage and its identity.

The entity is founded by professionals in the field of gastronomy, tourism, communication, auditing and the business world, being part of it the Food Observatory (ODELA) which, in the words of its director, Jesús Contreras: “Any change in the way of eating will inevitably affect the appearance of the country and its people. This refers us to the process of loss of biodiversity that the food production of our planet has been experiencing for a long time and that, without rapid and forceful action that seeks to protect it, agriculture, livestock and traditional food manufacturing will be thrown to death ”.

Currently, we are working with Spanish entities to begin the process of certifying their assets.
The International Association “Protected Gastronomic Heritage” is expanding its delegations in Mexico, Peru, Chile, Portugal, Greece and Turkey.

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