The Community Mental Health Unit (USMC) of Marbella, belonging to the Mental Health UGC of the HUVV of Malaga, and the Costa del Sol Primary Care District have implemented a protocol to improve early detection of mental and / or psychological disorders in patients that come to the consultations of the health centers of Marbella (Leganitos, Las Albarizas and San Pedro de Alcántara).

The aim of this new procedure is to improve the quality of care received by these patients, improving their accessibility and implementing measures that favor contact and permanent coordination between the Primary Care centers and the Mental Health Unit.

As specific measures, the implementation of a training program aimed at Primary Care professionals is planned, with recommendations on aspects of evaluation, prevention and intervention in each case, focusing on the adequate recognition and management of people with mental health problems. .

In this sense, the health professionals of the three health centers in Marbella and the local USMC will celebrate joint clinical sessions and will promote single-act consultations, on a weekly basis.

In this way, a joint work is resumed that dates back years, when a training program on the detection of suicidal behavior was started by the current head of this prevention unit and clinical psychologist, Miguel Guerrero Díaz, and directed to all health professionals in the District, in order to have a reference in mental health in each health center.

Currently, the new director of Health of the District, Belén Lozano León and the head of the USMC of Marbella, Miguel Guerrero Díaz, have decided to prioritize this line of work and influence the collaboration and coordination between primary school and hospital to improve care for patients with mental health problems.

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