He PSOE, citizens (Cs) and for my people (PMP) have closed at the last minute a agreement for governance in the Mijas Town Hall, a pact that will allow the municipality to be managed for the next 4 years after the negotiations held after the elections on May 28, and to add the three formations to the absolute majority of 13 councillors. Thus, everything seems to indicate that Josele Gonzalez will retain the mayor’s office.

This was announced this Friday by the Socialist Party, in a call to the media that will take place at 2:00 p.m., in which they will announce the details of the government pact.

The elections gave as result a victory to the PSOEwhich after 16 years is running as the most voted political force in the municipality of Mijas with 8,589 votes (33.61%) and 10 councillors, the PP obtained 8,077 votes (31.61%) and 9 councilors, Vox with 2,929 votes (11.46%) and 3 councilors, Cs went from 6 to 2 councilors with 1,680 votes (6.57%) and Por Mi Pueblo, which achieved representation, with 1,412 votes (5.52%) and 1 mayor.

The political panorama has forced negotiations and agreements to form a Government in the town of Mijas, since the absolute majority in the municipal Corporation is 13 councillors, leaving the spectrum polarized by two blocks led by the two big parties such as the PSOE and the PP, with Por Mi Pueblo being the key to the Government, with Juan Carlos Maldonado at the helm, former mayor of the town for the orange party.

In this case, the municipalist party has opted for the bloc headed by the PSOEalso made up of Cs, with whom it has governed for the last 4 years, despite the fact that the PP was confident of being able to reach an agreement, going so far as to ensure that the agreement with Por Mi Pueblo was tied, and that only the support remained to be confirmed of one of the Ciudadanos councillors.

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