A Marbella Court has issued another Judgment favorable to the company Puerto José Banús, SA in relation to its ownership of the terraces within the Puerto Banús complex in Marbella and the validity of its lease, adding the nautical space to twenty court rulings in its favor, as announced on Wednesday by the concessionaire of the luxurious maritime enclave.

The judicial process began in 2019, with the courts recognizing the validity of the lease contracts of the terraces and the ownership of the land, that to date some businessmen exploited illegitimately without paying rent, reaching the extreme of ceding them to third parties without any title, they have explained from the port management.

With this new sentence, Puerto Banús already accumulates a twenty favorable sentences, They have remarked from the concessionaire, affirming that “the Justice confirms the ownership of Puerto José Banús over the private land that it leases and the validity of those leases, without the existence of road facilities that are part of the municipal patrimony of the Marbella City Council”.

“As always, the spirit of Puerto Banús is to maintain and develop the tourist potential of the enclosure from the legal certainty and supporting the interests of the operators in terms and market conditions”, have concluded from the management company.

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