It happened last Sunday. A minor under the age of 11 was playing soccer, in the company of his 13-year-old brother, when a boy -older than them- joined them. Taking advantage of a moment of solitude for the youngest, he allegedly put tripped, thrown to the ground and dealt several punches. The goal, get a steel bracelet.

The events occurred last Sunday at the Los Compadres soccer field in Marbella between 6:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. The two minors -11 and 13 years old- were playing soccer when, allegedly, a young man asked them if he could join the game. As reported in the complaint filed with the Marbella National Police Station, to which this newspaper has had access, at a time during the game the eldest of the brothers was absent to go to the servicemoment in which apparently the alleged aggressor took the opportunity to trip the child under 11 years of age, throw him to the ground and punch him several times. His objective was to steal a gold-colored steel bracelet that the little boy was wearing. Finally he got it.

after what happened, the two children approached the security guard’s booth but found no one. In addition, the complaint indicates that there are no video surveillance cameras at the scene of the events. For this reason, the minors returned home, where her mother, upon learning what she had been through, went to the Costa del Sol Hospital, where the minor under 11 years of age received medical assistance.

In the medical report, to which this newspaper has also had access, it is explained that the minor arrived at the health center after being hit in the nose and eyes, being scratched on the torso and with a headache. The part reflects that the minor under 11 years of age suffered head trauma and concussion without loss of consciousness and/or amnesia.

The father of the two minors assures that their children had never seen the alleged assailant on this soccer field before. In addition, he maintains that at the time of the alleged assault there were no other children on the soccer field and no janitor or adult who could help the child under 11 years of age.

In this sense, Gallardo emphasizes that the soccer field janitors assured him that at that moment they were “in a shift change and they did not notice anything.” In his opinion, he adds that “if they hurt my child more or his brother is not there, what would have happened, because then the children get caught up in the goal and scold them, but when they have to act they do nothing” . With respect to bracelet that his son was taken from him, he remarks that It has no economic value, but sentimental value because the 11-year-old boy “is excited to wear it.”

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